Custom Manufacturing

Custom Peptide Manufacturing

We provide custom synthesis and commercial manufacturing of variety peptide, specially for Cosmetic peptide, we expertise on Linear, 

cyclic or modified peptides in solid phase, Liquid phase or hybrid phase, maximizing efficiency and productivity to reduce your timeline and cost. The manufacturing scale can be up to hundreds of Kg. We offer comprehensive solution for your desired peptides with experience of over ten years: 

  • Commercial synthesis route screening

  • Manufacturing process development and optimization

  • Stepwise unit operation studies and defining critical process parameters

  • Impurity profiling, fate and control

  • Regulatory starting material definition

IVD reagents OEM

All products listed in our catalog are available for private labeling and OEM.

Honorbiotech offers a board range of custom solutions, which include custom assay & product development, small to large scale 

production, bulk and uncut sheets supply of catalogue and custom-made reagents, packaging and technical support.